Body Types in Fitness & Bodybuilding

In this article, we will introduce you in detail to the 3 body types in bodybuilding, show you the individual differences regarding the body structure and give you tips on how you can extract the maximum from your training, nutrition and supplementation according to your body type!

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In Weightlifting, Fitness & Bodybuilding, one roughly distinguishes between 3 different body types or body types! There are the Hardgainer (Ektomorph), the Softgainer (Endomorph) and the Mesomorph, the body type with probably the best conditions to build a muscular body!

The individual body types differ in terms of body structure, muscle mass, tendency for fat and, according to William Sheldon, even from the behaviour or appearance of enormous! This model of body type is due to William Sheldon (American physician and psychologist), he developed it around 1930! Today, this model is mainly used in the field of training planning and nutrition planning. The psychological model regarding the different behaviours has proved to be of little use, or too inaccurate!

Please choose your body type for more information:

  • Ectomorphic body type (Hardgainer)
  • Mesomorphic body type
  • Endomorphic body type (softgainer)

It should be stressed at this point directly that there is hardly a pure human body type. Most people are mixed types with tendency to a certain body type! However, with our easy-to-understand explanation, you can find out for yourself which types of body you are leaning on, so that you can use the information on training, nutrition and also the supplementation with sports nutrition products in a targeted and professional manner.


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