Anabolic steroids in football

Many people who are far from the world of big sports, know perfectly that there are some anabolic steroids that are taken mostly by bodybuilders and powerlifters. Perhaps, someone knows that these drugs are popular in the high league of baseball players. And usually, no one connects football players and steroids, however, anabolics take place in football too. So, take this in consideration when you are making bets on

Do football players really take steroids?

We are sure that many ardent football fans feel the protest now: they say steroids in football is a nonsense. We want to calm you down and wake up and smell the coffee. If you will take a close look at all the levels of this sports game, it is possible to see that in many national football soccer teams, steroids play the leading role. It’s simple: if you want to run faster, you want to beat harder and farther, you want your national team to win, all players should take steroids. Please do not be so naive, you know that all modern athletes run faster and kick the ball more accurately, so steroids in football are exist, moreover, they are used not only by players of national teams. Every person can find those special steroids in the specialized online store of sports pharmacology, buy them from any place of the world, and become like Maradona, Pele or Alzado. The latest sportsman, by the way, confirmed personally that at the peak of its form (it was in the 1970s and 80s), he took steroids.

Alzado is not the only one who admitted

You probably heard many stories from the well-known football players about taking various anabolic steroids, but fans of this game, for some reason, still do not connect steroids with football. While you deny, the National Football League has admitted practically that steroids exist, and they are pretty good and necessary, otherwise this kind of sport will be not interesting to anyone. Do you want to see how tired and exhausted players, who are limping and hobbling after getting injuries? Of course, people want a dynamic and exciting game, which is impossible without steroids.

Training plans for muscle building and fat loss

Welcome to our training plan database – Free training plans for beginners, advanced & professionals on fitness, bodybuilding and weight training at


The supposedly “best” training plan to build muscle or fat loss can be found on numerous websites on fitness and cult of the body . However, there is almost every training plan written by laymen, or the training plan must be purchased for a fee.

With more than 20 years of fitness & bodybuilding experience, Kyle Leon has taken the trouble to provide you with professional and effective training plans to suit your body type and final goal .

With us you will find more than 100 free training plans for:
– muscle building
– mass building
– Power buildup & performance enhancement
– muscle definition
– Fat loss & diet

– Step 1 – The analysis:
First, choose a suitable training plan for you. The training plan should fit your personal goals such as muscle building or fat loss, as well as your personal requirements and your body type. When choosing a training plan, make sure that it matches your professional and private life as well and that you are neither under nor overstrained with it.

– Step 2 – The training:
If you have now found your suitable training plan, then consider this training plan as your basic life-goal course . A training plan can never be 100% suited to you, because every person is different. Instinctively, during your training sessions, pay attention to which exercises you feel rather positive and which are not. Possibly. is the extent, ie the duration of the training session too long or the training too intensive. If necessary, make notes that you can evaluate later.

– Step 3 – The fine tuning:
Gradually build your personal and individual training plan together. Take into account in your training plan the experiences and notes from Step 2 with regard to the duration of training, selection and sequence of exercises, the number of sentences and repetitions, as well as the break times. Integrate these findings step by step into your “new” training plan. Fine tuning is the most important part and requires the sensitivity and experience you will learn over time. Believe us: the way is worth it!

Kyle Leon offers you professional training plans for the areas of fitness and bodybuilding to build muscle, strength, definition and fat loss. Every athlete will find their suitable training plan, whether man or woman, soft or hard gainer, beginner, advanced or bodybuilding professional. In addition, sports nutrition angels offers training plans to improve individual muscle groups such as breast, arm or abdominal muscles. Due to the variety of training programs, there is plenty of variety to prevent boredom and habituation effects. Each training plan on our site was created by successful bodybuilders, trained fitness instructors and fitness models. A systematic training plan can help you achieve your personal training goals faster and more efficiently.

Body Types in Fitness & Bodybuilding

In this article, we will introduce you in detail to the 3 body types in bodybuilding, show you the individual differences regarding the body structure and give you tips on how you can extract the maximum from your training, nutrition and supplementation according to your body type!

Optimise training and nutrition with our body type guide – for maximum match with your body type !
In Weightlifting, Fitness & Bodybuilding, one roughly distinguishes between 3 different body types or body types! There are the Hardgainer (Ektomorph), the Softgainer (Endomorph) and the Mesomorph, the body type with probably the best conditions to build a muscular body!

The individual body types differ in terms of body structure, muscle mass, tendency for fat and, according to William Sheldon, even from the behaviour or appearance of enormous! This model of body type is due to William Sheldon (American physician and psychologist), he developed it around 1930! Today, this model is mainly used in the field of training planning and nutrition planning. The psychological model regarding the different behaviours has proved to be of little use, or too inaccurate!

Please choose your body type for more information:

  • Ectomorphic body type (Hardgainer)
  • Mesomorphic body type
  • Endomorphic body type (softgainer)

It should be stressed at this point directly that there is hardly a pure human body type. Most people are mixed types with tendency to a certain body type! However, with our easy-to-understand explanation, you can find out for yourself which types of body you are leaning on, so that you can use the information on training, nutrition and also the supplementation with sports nutrition products in a targeted and professional manner.


Nutritional rules for building muscle

Faster to build muscle with our nutritional rules for fitness & bodybuilding

The diet has the largest share of success, with over 70%, whether you are doing a muscle building or fats burning trainings . The so often cited saying “you eat what you eat” is probably nowhere more significant than in fitness and bodybuilding training. However, when it comes to quickly and effectively achieving their training goals such as muscle building or fat loss, the diet is often backfired and neglected. We therefore recommend a balanced and varied diet in addition to a really healthy lifestyle . In conjunction with a physical and regular training, it is therefore useful to provide the body with the appropriate foods as required. Without adequate nutritional intake of protein / protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids, or in case of a nutritional deficiency, complete physical performance can not be obtained. A needs-based and systematic nutritional plan can help you with your muscle building training, which should be complemented by a suitable and targeted training program.

Our muscle building tip:
Who performs a so-called weight gainer training, should pay particular attention to a balanced fat, carbohydrate and high protein diet and take meals at regularly with intervals. Weight gain training should avoid taking too long breaks between meals.

Cheat Days im Bodybuilding

Why Cheat Days & Refeed Days in Bodybuilding
Kyle Leon explains the differences of Cheat Days and Refeed Days in bodybuilding, shows advantages and practical examples

Where lies the difference between Refeed-Day and Cheat Day!

On a cheat day is eaten what you feel like. You do not look at the nutrients, mainly fat and carbohydrates are supplied. Whether pizza or pasta, ice cream or cake, all this is consumed on a cheating day without weighing.
On a Refeed-Day things look very different! On this day you go strategically ran. You eat a lot of carbohydrates, very little fat (as little as possible) and the protein is usually screwed down to 2g per kilogram of body weight. The meals are weighed, the carbohydrates are on that day at 500g ( ) depending on body weight and body type. By keeping the fat as low as possible, the calorie count is not as high as a cheat day. The Refeed-Day is probably. Not ideal for the psyche, however, it serves to replenish in a clean way the energy storage in a diet. A Reefeed Day is needed only in a low-carb diet.


Strength training for women

 Strength training for women – Our training guide with effective split training plan!
The modern strength training for the woman of today – fat burning – tight connective tissue – more vitality and health!
When it comes to women and strength training, most women are very averse to it. You often see the image of a trained bodybuilder with huge muscle mountains in front of her! This picture probably deters almost every woman who just wants to tighten her figure and lose a few fat pads. This entire prejudice is now also very quickly accepted as a given, according to the motto “If you want to have thick arms and a square face, then do strength training, otherwise stay with fitness”!
At start we would like to tell you that this thesis is not right and should not be accepted without any discussion or overthinking!
Women and Strength Training – A Contradiction?
Most women are deterred from weight training for the reasons mentioned above. It is associated with the creating of a massively developed musculature and in most women the fear lies slumber, after a short time “male” and “edgy” to work. If strength training is performed at all, it is usually in a very high repetition range with little weight (e.g., endurance training).
There are several reasons why the woman does not have to worry about becoming a real “muscle mountain”: hormonal balance. The most important hormone for building muscle is testosterone. This hormone is found in men to a much greater degree than in the female organism. Alone this fact massively restricts the woman’s muscle growth. So a normal woman does not have to worry about extreme muscle masses just by following our recommended training plans!
Muscle fiber number
A woman has fewer muscle fibers than a man from the ground up. While the man is naturally determined to be quite strong, fast and muscular by the hormonal status and the amount of fibers, this is not intended for the woman!
Furthermore, there are also enough reasons for the woman to perform a strength training in the heavy repetitive area. Every woman wants a crisp and well-trained body. There should be few problem areas and in general the body should be quite tight!
In our opinion, the following reasons are responsible for the fact that it is precisely this weight training that contributes better to achieving these goals than, for example, pure endurance training:
More muscle mass – more fat burning!
The muscle mass you have might be very metabolically active
. Muscle constantly burns energy, even at rest. Unlike fat tissue, muscle tissue is a fairly active tissue that boosts your metabolism immensely. The more muscle you call your own, the more calories will be burn down . This is also one of the reasons why most diets contribute to the dreaded yo-yo effect. In essence, a very simple metabolism change happens.
During the diet, the body is artificially maneuvered into a state of emergency. Since the musculature consumes a lot of energy as mentioned above, it is in the sense of evolution and survival to break down this tissue if it is in no need at all . If now during the diet phase, no proper strength training is operated, but only endurance training, then receives much less muscle mass, which can then boost the metabolism again. Unfortunately, when the diet phase is over, the woman burned a lot of muscle next to a certain amount of fat. As a result, the metabolism is now a good deal worse and not as effective than before . When the woman returns to normal nutrition, she puts the old calorie intake into the new furious metabolism. You can probably think of the devastating consequences yourself!

First bodybuilding competition

Join the sports nutrition angel athlete Kyle Leon in preparing for their first bodybuilding competition!

The time has come, your first bodybuilding competition is just about to be around the corner. Motivated to the tips of your hair, you complete every training session with tireless effort. The diet will cost you a lot of strength, but your reflection tells you, you’re on the right track. From week to week your body fat percentage drops, your six-pack looks like chiseled and the boys and girls in the studio give you respectful glances. Only a few days left until the first competition. The excitement rises and then comes the big day. Apply in the morning still color, go through the posing again and then it’s time, your name and your start number are called. You stand in perfect shape on the competition stage and are proud of your performance and your defined body, which is honoured by the audience with much applause.

Many athletes train daily for this one wish to one day stand on a big bodybuilding stage and compete in the first competition. But many athletes lack the courage and professional support to take this first step and realize their dream with it.
Similarly, our team sports nutrition angel athlete Kyle Leon fared before their first bodybuilding competition. In cooperation and support with the IFBB professional bodybuilder Clarence de Vis and Sportnahrung-Engel, we have accompanied both Luxembourg athletes in preparation for their first bodybuilding competition – with success!
Kyle hope to give courage to as many athletes as possible in order to be on the competition stage someday.

Interview Antonio and JC Mason:

1.) For how many years have you been in the gym ?
Kyle Leon:
I train for a total of 5-6 years continuously and purposefully. For the last 2 years, Clarence has been taking care of me intensively, since then things have been going uphill fast!
2.) Why did you start with muscle building training?
Kyle Leon:
I am really interested in sports since childhood! I also hockey a total of 7 years, which was a lot of fun . In order to be able to assert myself more in this sport, I started with weight lifting or bodybuilding!
3.) What fascinates you most about bodybuilding?
Kyle Leon:
What fascinates me most about bodybuilding is the possibility to personalize and transform your body! In addition, I am enthusiastic about the aesthetics.

4.) Who in the professional scene is a role model for you and the reason of this ?
Kyle Leon:
Frank Zane is for me the best bodybuilder of all times and for several reasons. On the one hand fascinates me that he has won 3x the Mr. Olympia title despite lower mass. Furthermore, I am absolutely thrilled by the perfect symmetry and aesthetics that Frank Zane has put into a nutshell!
5.) How has your training and diet changed over time with Clarence as a Trainer?
Kyle Leon:
Of course, my training has changed dramatically over time, as has the entire diet. By the time you know what works best for you personally, a lot of time passes and you have to try many and much times . In the beginning I copied a lot from the Fitness & Bodybuilding magazines as most of them probably do!

6.) How and when you decided to take a part in competitions ?
Kyle Leon:
After seeing really good changes on my body with Clarence, I got motivated. I really wanted a competition, I want to know what my body is capable of or what I am capable of!
7.) Which supplements do you prefer to use?
Kyle Leon:
I’m counting on the classic and proven supplements. I mainly use vitamin supplements, minerals, e.g. Calcium and Magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids (Clarence loves them !!!). In addition, I always drink a shake consisting of whey protein isolate, Kre-Alkalyn PRO, Vitargo and Glutamine. During the preparation for the competition, BCAA amino acids and caffeine are also used

Fast mass building

The rapid development of muscle mass in bodybuilding. Our guidebook gives tips for fast mass building for fitness and bodybuilding athletes

In today’s article, we want to help you build more mass than ever before. We will look behind the secrets of the successful mass building and highlight all the important factors.

First of all, we can divide the mass structure into 4 important categories, including:

  • the workout
  • food
  • recreation
  • supplement

The training for fast mass building:
As you all already know, the appropriate stimuli are set in the training which brings our musculature in the first place to the growth. It does not matter if you are fitness, bodybuilding, or amateur athlete. The muscle is always based on the principle of supercompensation. After a load our performance drops and is adjusted in the resting phase again over the starting level. Slowly over many training sessions, we see an improvement in our performance and an increase in mass.
However, what your training should look like now is difficult to say. Unfortunately, there is no ultimate training program that works for everyone. However, we can distinguish a few different approaches:

  • High volume training (classic method)
  • High Intensity Training (HIT Training)

No matter which method you choose, it’s all about doing your workout thoughtfully and with full concentration. Provide maximum growth stimuli, be it through a high volume or through a high intensity. Our tip: As a hardgainer we recommend the HIT training!
You do not know if you are a hardgainer? Just take a look: Am I Hardgainer?
Some basic rules to work with the different training methods when you train each muscle group only once a week.

Method Training with high reps and medium intensity training with low reps and high intensity
Repeats 10-15 3-8
Intensity 70-80% of the maximum weight 90-100% of the maximum weight
Large muscle groups 15-20 6-10
Breaks 2 min 4 min
Training days per week 3-5 3-5

In this section, we could have provided you with a complete training plan, but this would contradict the above, as there is no universal training plan. Find out for yourself which exercises and training are best for you and orientate yourself in the design of our table above.

The appropriate training plans for mass building can be found here: Training Plan Muscle

Now let’s take a look at our second category.

The diet for rapid mass building (nutrition plan mass building):
Nutrition is considered by many to be one of the leading factors in bodybuilding success. It is true, because without the right nutrients, our body can not properly regenerate the muscle mass damaged by the training, and the regeneration phases are considerably prolonged.
However, as well as the training, the diet varies from person to person, only a few guidelines remain the same. These are the general need for macronutrients, these are protein elements, slow carbohydrates and Omega 3 fats.

Pay attention to a balanced and varied diet that you can supplement if necessary with Weider Mega Mass 4000 in conjunction with a weight gainer training.

When taking fats, there is only one important rule to consider: Avoid saturated fat
Saturated fatty acids are stored by the body very quickly in the fat depot. So if possible, only eat unsaturated and essential fatty acids.
Your daily fats should be at 1.2gr / kg body weight. These are 120 grams of fat per day for a 100 kg athlete, which equates to a total calorie income of 1000 calories .
Now that you know what ingredients should contain their food, let’s look at the distribution of meals throughout the day.
The intake of meals is again dependent on person to person and is strongly influenced by professional life of a person. So it is difficult for a shift work to set up a regular nutrition plan. Let’s assume that you have a normal daily routine, meaning you get up at 6 am and go to have a rest at 11 pm .

Fitness Homegym set up

The perfect home gym for beginners to professional athletes! How can I best set up my fitness homegym?

If you have decided to move your training into your own four walls in the future, we will present you today several options to find an optimal solution for a perfect homegym according to your budget and your requirements!
A home gym pays off very quickly, so you should invest into a high end equipment. If you pay a gym membership fee of 40 bucks a month, you have already paid a remarkable 960 bucks in two years, this amount could well be invested in his own home gym and should not be deterred in this regard by a one-time higher cost be!

You should also make your training room cozy and warm to keep you motivated in the future, it is a bit easier to train in a community or outside of your own 4 walls, at home you can find too many excuses for something else do.
In order to counteract this, it should be possible in his future home gym, e.g. hang motivational posters by Arnold Schwarzenegger or other bodybuilders, also a motivational music should not be missing, the room could also be painted in the favourite color, let yourself come up with something that motivates you personally!
As a safe flooring is recommended, for example Carpet or cork flooring, parquet and tiles, on the other hand, break down very quickly if you do not pay attention.
In a home gym you should generally pay attention to clean and not to train failure, if you have no partner who can intervene in an emergency.

Variant 1: Very spartan and space-saving, low costs, few equipment:
For our first variant you only need an Iron-Gym, which you can buy from us with a suitable free training program in the shop. If the exercises become too light over time, it is also recommended to purchase a dip belt and a few weights to increase the intensity.
With the Iron-Gym you can train your entire upper body, you can do different pull-up variations, dips, push-ups and even sit-ups.
The best way to train your legs is with free squats and wall-mounted chairs. If these exercises become too light, you can slowly get used to the one-legged, very heavy versions!

Variant 2: For the aspiring bodybuilder, basic equipment:
For our second variant, we recommend you much more equipment, again, we recommend our iron gym again, but this time only for pull ups and abdominal training!
In addition, we recommend that you purchase a barbell and several dumbbells and the corresponding weights, you can choose to buy dumbbells with a bore of 30mm or 50mm, if you do not have to save money, we recommend the 50mm version, these have the advantage that you can absorb much more weight!
To make proper training of the chest muscles, we recommend the purchase of a high-quality and durable training bench with additional rack for the barbell, you can also buy a bank that is adjustable repeatedly, so you can train your chest from different angles and possibly even shoulder presses do.