Cheat Days im Bodybuilding

Why Cheat Days & Refeed Days in Bodybuilding
Kyle Leon explains the differences of Cheat Days and Refeed Days in bodybuilding, shows advantages and practical examples

Where lies the difference between Refeed-Day and Cheat Day!

On a cheat day is eaten what you feel like. You do not look at the nutrients, mainly fat and carbohydrates are supplied. Whether pizza or pasta, ice cream or cake, all this is consumed on a cheating day without weighing.
On a Refeed-Day things look very different! On this day you go strategically ran. You eat a lot of carbohydrates, very little fat (as little as possible) and the protein is usually screwed down to 2g per kilogram of body weight. The meals are weighed, the carbohydrates are on that day at 500g ( ) depending on body weight and body type. By keeping the fat as low as possible, the calorie count is not as high as a cheat day. The Refeed-Day is probably. Not ideal for the psyche, however, it serves to replenish in a clean way the energy storage in a diet. A Reefeed Day is needed only in a low-carb diet.


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