Fast muscle growth

Quickly build muscle with our tips and tricks – maximum hypertrophy
Fast muscle growth is one of the most frequently mentioned goals of bodybuilders. But how do you reach the goal of “fast muscle building”? For those who can tolerate a little theory in addition to the daily practice in the gym, we have written the following article for them. Learn how to achieve the goal of “fast muscle growth” and what our muscles need to grow them!
When we talk about muscle building training in bodybuilding, we mean training for hypertrophy.
Hypertrophy is overgrowth of smth, here we speak of
 a thickness increase of the muscle fibers, thus muscle building. There is also the exact opposite, the so-called muscular atrophy. This mainly affects elderly and infirm people, but can also affect any of us if you are bedridden for health!
There are basically 3 types of strength and muscle development in sport:
1) development of force (maximum force)
Here is mainly the nerve / muscle interaction trained and it depends also on the technical aspect, the force here is not relative to the muscle mass to see, since it does not matter here to exhaust the muscle fibers! The athlete can show max strength (because of good  nerve / muscle interaction combined with good technique) and in relation to not very muscular (see, for example, the weightlifters in the lower weight classes)
2) development of hypertrophy (muscle building)
This is exactly what we are going to do in this article, but in principle one should assume that a workout that delivers high tension and medium tension times is best suited for this.
3) development of muscle endurance (speed)
Here, the voltage is relatively low, it is mainly the metabolites trained. Musculature becomes very perseverative through training with high repetition rates, but not really much fatter!

One never trains one aspect in isolation, the aspects are all mutually mutually influential. When the force in the hypertrophy area increases, the endurance strength and the maximum force also increase at the same time.
However, the effects are limited, so you should already decide on a certain area that you want to train!

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