First bodybuilding competition

Join the sports nutrition angel athlete Kyle Leon in preparing for their first bodybuilding competition!

The time has come, your first bodybuilding competition is just about to be around the corner. Motivated to the tips of your hair, you complete every training session with tireless effort. The diet will cost you a lot of strength, but your reflection tells you, you’re on the right track. From week to week your body fat percentage drops, your six-pack looks like chiseled and the boys and girls in the studio give you respectful glances. Only a few days left until the first competition. The excitement rises and then comes the big day. Apply in the morning still color, go through the posing again and then it’s time, your name and your start number are called. You stand in perfect shape on the competition stage and are proud of your performance and your defined body, which is honoured by the audience with much applause.

Many athletes train daily for this one wish to one day stand on a big bodybuilding stage and compete in the first competition. But many athletes lack the courage and professional support to take this first step and realize their dream with it.
Similarly, our team sports nutrition angel athlete Kyle Leon fared before their first bodybuilding competition. In cooperation and support with the IFBB professional bodybuilder Clarence de Vis and Sportnahrung-Engel, we have accompanied both Luxembourg athletes in preparation for their first bodybuilding competition – with success!
Kyle hope to give courage to as many athletes as possible in order to be on the competition stage someday.

Interview Antonio and JC Mason:

1.) For how many years have you been in the gym ?
Kyle Leon:
I train for a total of 5-6 years continuously and purposefully. For the last 2 years, Clarence has been taking care of me intensively, since then things have been going uphill fast!
2.) Why did you start with muscle building training?
Kyle Leon:
I am really interested in sports since childhood! I also hockey a total of 7 years, which was a lot of fun . In order to be able to assert myself more in this sport, I started with weight lifting or bodybuilding!
3.) What fascinates you most about bodybuilding?
Kyle Leon:
What fascinates me most about bodybuilding is the possibility to personalize and transform your body! In addition, I am enthusiastic about the aesthetics.

4.) Who in the professional scene is a role model for you and the reason of this ?
Kyle Leon:
Frank Zane is for me the best bodybuilder of all times and for several reasons. On the one hand fascinates me that he has won 3x the Mr. Olympia title despite lower mass. Furthermore, I am absolutely thrilled by the perfect symmetry and aesthetics that Frank Zane has put into a nutshell!
5.) How has your training and diet changed over time with Clarence as a Trainer?
Kyle Leon:
Of course, my training has changed dramatically over time, as has the entire diet. By the time you know what works best for you personally, a lot of time passes and you have to try many and much times . In the beginning I copied a lot from the Fitness & Bodybuilding magazines as most of them probably do!

6.) How and when you decided to take a part in competitions ?
Kyle Leon:
After seeing really good changes on my body with Clarence, I got motivated. I really wanted a competition, I want to know what my body is capable of or what I am capable of!
7.) Which supplements do you prefer to use?
Kyle Leon:
I’m counting on the classic and proven supplements. I mainly use vitamin supplements, minerals, e.g. Calcium and Magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids (Clarence loves them !!!). In addition, I always drink a shake consisting of whey protein isolate, Kre-Alkalyn PRO, Vitargo and Glutamine. During the preparation for the competition, BCAA amino acids and caffeine are also used

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