Fitness Homegym set up

The perfect home gym for beginners to professional athletes! How can I best set up my fitness homegym?

If you have decided to move your training into your own four walls in the future, we will present you today several options to find an optimal solution for a perfect homegym according to your budget and your requirements!
A home gym pays off very quickly, so you should invest into a high end equipment. If you pay a gym membership fee of 40 bucks a month, you have already paid a remarkable 960 bucks in two years, this amount could well be invested in his own home gym and should not be deterred in this regard by a one-time higher cost be!

You should also make your training room cozy and warm to keep you motivated in the future, it is a bit easier to train in a community or outside of your own 4 walls, at home you can find too many excuses for something else do.
In order to counteract this, it should be possible in his future home gym, e.g. hang motivational posters by Arnold Schwarzenegger or other bodybuilders, also a motivational music should not be missing, the room could also be painted in the favourite color, let yourself come up with something that motivates you personally!
As a safe flooring is recommended, for example Carpet or cork flooring, parquet and tiles, on the other hand, break down very quickly if you do not pay attention.
In a home gym you should generally pay attention to clean and not to train failure, if you have no partner who can intervene in an emergency.

Variant 1: Very spartan and space-saving, low costs, few equipment:
For our first variant you only need an Iron-Gym, which you can buy from us with a suitable free training program in the shop. If the exercises become too light over time, it is also recommended to purchase a dip belt and a few weights to increase the intensity.
With the Iron-Gym you can train your entire upper body, you can do different pull-up variations, dips, push-ups and even sit-ups.
The best way to train your legs is with free squats and wall-mounted chairs. If these exercises become too light, you can slowly get used to the one-legged, very heavy versions!

Variant 2: For the aspiring bodybuilder, basic equipment:
For our second variant, we recommend you much more equipment, again, we recommend our iron gym again, but this time only for pull ups and abdominal training!
In addition, we recommend that you purchase a barbell and several dumbbells and the corresponding weights, you can choose to buy dumbbells with a bore of 30mm or 50mm, if you do not have to save money, we recommend the 50mm version, these have the advantage that you can absorb much more weight!
To make proper training of the chest muscles, we recommend the purchase of a high-quality and durable training bench with additional rack for the barbell, you can also buy a bank that is adjustable repeatedly, so you can train your chest from different angles and possibly even shoulder presses do.

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