Strength training for women

 Strength training for women – Our training guide with effective split training plan!
The modern strength training for the woman of today – fat burning – tight connective tissue – more vitality and health!
When it comes to women and strength training, most women are very averse to it. You often see the image of a trained bodybuilder with huge muscle mountains in front of her! This picture probably deters almost every woman who just wants to tighten her figure and lose a few fat pads. This entire prejudice is now also very quickly accepted as a given, according to the motto “If you want to have thick arms and a square face, then do strength training, otherwise stay with fitness”!
At start we would like to tell you that this thesis is not right and should not be accepted without any discussion or overthinking!
Women and Strength Training – A Contradiction?
Most women are deterred from weight training for the reasons mentioned above. It is associated with the creating of a massively developed musculature and in most women the fear lies slumber, after a short time “male” and “edgy” to work. If strength training is performed at all, it is usually in a very high repetition range with little weight (e.g., endurance training).
There are several reasons why the woman does not have to worry about becoming a real “muscle mountain”: hormonal balance. The most important hormone for building muscle is testosterone. This hormone is found in men to a much greater degree than in the female organism. Alone this fact massively restricts the woman’s muscle growth. So a normal woman does not have to worry about extreme muscle masses just by following our recommended training plans!
Muscle fiber number
A woman has fewer muscle fibers than a man from the ground up. While the man is naturally determined to be quite strong, fast and muscular by the hormonal status and the amount of fibers, this is not intended for the woman!
Furthermore, there are also enough reasons for the woman to perform a strength training in the heavy repetitive area. Every woman wants a crisp and well-trained body. There should be few problem areas and in general the body should be quite tight!
In our opinion, the following reasons are responsible for the fact that it is precisely this weight training that contributes better to achieving these goals than, for example, pure endurance training:
More muscle mass – more fat burning!
The muscle mass you have might be very metabolically active
. Muscle constantly burns energy, even at rest. Unlike fat tissue, muscle tissue is a fairly active tissue that boosts your metabolism immensely. The more muscle you call your own, the more calories will be burn down . This is also one of the reasons why most diets contribute to the dreaded yo-yo effect. In essence, a very simple metabolism change happens.
During the diet, the body is artificially maneuvered into a state of emergency. Since the musculature consumes a lot of energy as mentioned above, it is in the sense of evolution and survival to break down this tissue if it is in no need at all . If now during the diet phase, no proper strength training is operated, but only endurance training, then receives much less muscle mass, which can then boost the metabolism again. Unfortunately, when the diet phase is over, the woman burned a lot of muscle next to a certain amount of fat. As a result, the metabolism is now a good deal worse and not as effective than before . When the woman returns to normal nutrition, she puts the old calorie intake into the new furious metabolism. You can probably think of the devastating consequences yourself!

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