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The supposedly “best” training plan to build muscle or fat loss can be found on numerous websites on fitness and cult of the body . However, there is almost every training plan written by laymen, or the training plan must be purchased for a fee.

With more than 20 years of fitness & bodybuilding experience, Kyle Leon has taken the trouble to provide you with professional and effective training plans to suit your body type and final goal .

With us you will find more than 100 free training plans for:
– muscle building
– mass building
– Power buildup & performance enhancement
– muscle definition
– Fat loss & diet

– Step 1 – The analysis:
First, choose a suitable training plan for you. The training plan should fit your personal goals such as muscle building or fat loss, as well as your personal requirements and your body type. When choosing a training plan, make sure that it matches your professional and private life as well and that you are neither under nor overstrained with it.

– Step 2 – The training:
If you have now found your suitable training plan, then consider this training plan as your basic life-goal course . A training plan can never be 100% suited to you, because every person is different. Instinctively, during your training sessions, pay attention to which exercises you feel rather positive and which are not. Possibly. is the extent, ie the duration of the training session too long or the training too intensive. If necessary, make notes that you can evaluate later.

– Step 3 – The fine tuning:
Gradually build your personal and individual training plan together. Take into account in your training plan the experiences and notes from Step 2 with regard to the duration of training, selection and sequence of exercises, the number of sentences and repetitions, as well as the break times. Integrate these findings step by step into your “new” training plan. Fine tuning is the most important part and requires the sensitivity and experience you will learn over time. Believe us: the way is worth it!

Kyle Leon offers you professional training plans for the areas of fitness and bodybuilding to build muscle, strength, definition and fat loss. Every athlete will find their suitable training plan, whether man or woman, soft or hard gainer, beginner, advanced or bodybuilding professional. In addition, sports nutrition angels offers training plans to improve individual muscle groups such as breast, arm or abdominal muscles. Due to the variety of training programs, there is plenty of variety to prevent boredom and habituation effects. Each training plan on our site was created by successful bodybuilders, trained fitness instructors and fitness models. A systematic training plan can help you achieve your personal training goals faster and more efficiently.

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